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Case Study

Brand Bureau team developed and continue to manage the fresh campaign for the Victorian Regional Channels Authority’s iconic Geelong “Keep Clear of Big Ships” public safety message.

We have completely refreshed the campaign – which has not been changed since its inception decades ago - appointing an ambassador and creating a suite of new creative, including television commercials, print ads, radio and much more.

Before the creative work began, we undertook market research to benchmark existing awareness levels and discover which communication channels achieved the greatest penetration of the "Keep Clear" message.

In developing the campaign strategy, we identified a national celebrity would assist in the target audience’s recall of the safety message. We arranged for one of Australia’s best-known recreational fishing personalities, Paul Worsteling host of IFISH, to be the ambassador.

Once Paul was on-board, we produced two television commercials which are showing on the big screens at Village Twin Cinemas in Geelong and Werribee.

You can also view the ads by visiting

Range of services included

  • Campaign management

  • Campaign creative

  • Ambassador liaison

  • Media and communications management

  • Supplier management

  • Research

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