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TAGLINES: Building Your Brand Equity

Taglines are short phrases that communicate descriptive or persuasive information about the brand and can help reinforce brand positioning and a desired point of difference.

Keeping with the visual components of the brand, the tagline conveys the key benefits and messages fitting with the organisational culture.

Taglines are “powerful branding devices because, like brand names, they are an extremely efficient, short-hand means to build brand equity”* and generally have a lifespan of three to five years.

Building brand equity and awareness are the main benefits of a tagline as it acts as a useful ‘hook’ or ‘handle’ to help consumers grasp the meaning of a brand in terms of what the brand is and what makes it special”.

Taglines are a simple way of summarising the descriptive or persuasive information conveyed in the brand’s advertising and a valuable branding tool in terms of crafting a brand image.


As part of our recent rebrand of Australian Disability Enterprise, Merriwa, Brand Bureau also created a tagline to help position the company.

Merriwa is navigating its way through the emerging NDIS environment (which emphasises and enables people-centred choices). Therefore the tagline needed to incorporate empathetic, “humanistic” messaging.

In addition, ideally, there would also be a “commercial” flavour to the tagline to resonate with current and potential business customers.

After a comprehensive research and consultation process, the resultant tagline, “Bringing Quality to Life” was endorsed by the Board of Merriwa, and has since been rolled out across the organisation.

Senior Consultant at Brand Bureau, Tara Iacovella, said, ”Merriwa’s tagline is a play on words. For Merriwa’s individual clients, it reinforces Merriwa’s focus on bringing value and worth to their lives.

For Merriwa’s commercial customers, it communicates the delivery of quality products and services to their operations – and, in turn, their customers’ – lives.”

Contact our office if you’d like to discuss Brand Bureau’s tagline development solutions.

* Keller, K 2008, Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity, Prentice-Hall of Australia, Sydney, pp. 151-156

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