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Supporting Regional Manufacturing

Action Steel Industries is a third generation family business that started steel fabrication in the early 1970's. Located in Stawell, Victoria, Action Steel provides pre-engineered steel framed buildings for industrial, commercial and rural applications.

Brand Bureau was engaged by Action Steel following a successful application to the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Program.

We develop and deliver tailored methodologies for every one of our clients. Our clients appreciate that our work is a mix of world’s best practice strategic marketing, whilst embracing the practicalities of every client situation.

Our methodology for Action Steel consists of four key phases, as described below.

  1. Discovery phase: The Discovery Phase’s main objective is to collect all data relevant to the project, via primary and secondary research, to ensure that all stakeholders are working together as a unified team to reach common goals and objectives, and to give the project exciting momentum which is sustained throughout the entire project period.

  2. Strategy development phase: this phase includes the reporting of Discovery Phase findings, drafting the Marketing Strategy and providing a briefing on the draft report.

  3. Strategy refinement phase: This Phase concludes with the delivery of the final strategy, addressing a detailed implementation across three years.

  4. Implementation phase: This Phase commences with the execution of activities as outlined within the Marketing Plan across an initial 12 month period.

So far, we've assisted the Action Steel team with everything from creating a social media strategy to designing the company's field day trailer (pictured above)!

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