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Strategic communication helps Gen Fyansford make a bang!

Since 2013, Brand Bureau has worked closely with ICD Property and Supalai on the Gen Fyansford development.

This year, extensive earthworks and land forming were needed to transform the degraded brownfield industrial site into an exciting residential development of which Geelong can be proud.

Much of the rehabilitation work at Fyansford has been undertaken by conventional excavators, loaders and other earthmoving machinery. However, there are some areas of hard rock - too difficult to free dig with excavators or loaders - which had to be blasted so that the surface can be shaped and contoured.

The first series of 200 explosions, across ten “events” took place in September, culminating in the removal 200,000 tonnes of rock by early 2019.

Brand Bureau was asked to provide a variety of strategic communication services to ensure the Fyansford community, businesses and other stakeholders were consulted and engaged throughout the project.

Our services included:

  • Development of a Community Consultation and Engagement Plan, including liaising with representatives from the Victorian Government, ICD Property, Sinclair Brook, GHD and Winslow;Design, copywriting and household letterbox drop of a Fact Sheet to the local community;

  • Event management of a Community drop-in session;Guidance of the Gen Fyansford website ( which featured a link to the fact sheet as well as a link to the Contact Us page for any complaints or enquiries.

  • Management of the SMS messaging service to communicate to the community prior to each blast, as well as management of the Community Hotline to capture any complaints or enquiries

  • Media management, including editorial briefings to secure a series of positive front page and early general news stories.

Fyansford Development’s goal is to ensure the affected community is aware and informed of the rehabilitation and closure works and, if the need arises, feels confident and empowered to engage in two-way communication with Fyansford Development.

To-date, there has not been a single complaint lodged in relation to the blasting activity.

If your organisation has strategic communication needs please contact us.

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