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Sky News comes to Geelong

Our team was pleased to be engaged to faciliate an interview with Mayor of Geelong, Cr Bruce be beamed to no fewer than 130 million viewers!

Our client, ICD Property, was selected to be showcased as a case study for an upcoming series of "Beyond the Headlines", uncovering the future of Australia-China trade

Beyond the Headlines is a business series about more than just money. It examines the intricacies of the Australia-China trade partnership through the lens of culture, relationships and the geohistorical context.

In the new and unpredictable reality of Trump, trade tensions and the rise of economic and cultural nativism, the series challenges the audience to look beyond the rhetoric and asks: What is the future of Sino-Oz trade?

It sheds light on stereotypes and misnomers and in doing so uncovers the next wave of opportunity and the new frontiers of engagement.

The series delves "Beyond the Headlines" and the bottom line to reveal the essence of Australia-China trade: relationships and the people themselves.

A 6 part international TV series, each episode will focus on innovative international businesses and will showcase opportunities in Australian and Chinese growth sectors - presenting pathways for investors and cross-border trade.

The series is produced by RR Media in association with Horizon Films and will be aired on Sky News Business through out Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. It will also be distributed via the People.CN platform in China in late 2018 to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of China’s ‘opening up’ its borders to international trade.

The series is supported by the Victorian Government and the Australian Government.

Beyond the Headlines will have an estimated audience of over 130 million people across influential business sectors in both Australia and China. It is a must-watch business series in the rapidly changing world of international trade.

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