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National Disability Insurance Agency and Visual Communication

Brand Bureau partnered with the National Disability Insurance Agency to assist with their visual communication initiatives.

Our work includes:

  • The development of a suite of nationally consistent templates for partner organisations to be able to use so they can represent the NDIS brand in an appropriate manner. The Co-Branded materials included Letterheads, Business Cards, PowerPoint Presentation and Promotional Flyers.

  • Infographics for ACT, QLS, SA, Tasmania explaining the rollout for each state, the forecast increase in demand after the rollout and the high growth areas of each state.

  • Pocket rollout guide for consumer groups, which outlines statistics around services and needs

  • Updates of Event collateral and style guide

As the NDIS evolves and grows the style guide will change as it is a working document.

In an increasingly fragmented and disparate marketing and communications environment, a brand style guide helps to support your brand’s identity, giving it consistency, credibility and competitive advantage.

Please contact our Creative Director, Nicole, for more information about our visual design services.

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