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Marketing: To Outsource or In-house?

OK, so you're busy. You're passionate, dedicated to what you do, and - let's be honest - even overwhelmed at times. And that makes finding time to properly program and implement your marketing a very real challenge.

Brand Bureau performs the role of a marketing department for many clients. This is a cost effective alternative to having an employee.

Your marketing will be strategically planned, implemented and measured. We meet regularly to ensure your marketing is always top-of-mind, and your cash flow will be predictable as we charge a set monthly fee.

Marketing* magazine suggests five questions to ask yourself when considering outsourcing vs in-housing:

  1. What is the importance of the strategic issue being addressed and the need to get the best team on it?

  2. What is the existing capacity internally and the opportunity/time pressures to deliver an outcome? Are the resources available in-house or not?

  3. The expertise gap – does the business need a deliberate injection of capabilities?

  4. How would these capabilities contribute to an ongoing strategic advantage in an area such as data analytics, sales skills, brand management?

  5. Is the role of an outsourced provider to ‘equip’ the organisation with heightened skills?Is there a need for fresh/external input?

Contact us if you would like to speak with us or some of our current retainer clients.

Essentially we (the client and Brand Bureau) agree up front on the work required across a minimum of 12 months. The fees associated with this work are split evenly across 12 months and attract a discount, resulting in a monthly fixed-price fee.

For our clients this means not only cash flow and budgeting predictability, but we keep your marketing on-track. We are accountable for ensuring your marketing forges ahead and brings desired results.

For us, it brings the opportunity to truly work in close collaboration month by month - this is important as marketing needs to be responsive to emerging opportunities and challenges. We typically meet with our retainer clients monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Other benefits of becoming a retainer client include:

  • Objective analysis and advice;

  • Different ideas and views;

  • Assistance to meet responsibilities and objectives within timeframes;

  • Priority service

  • Supply of specialist expertise; 

  • Value for money; and

  • Centralised contact - we often manage numerous suppliers and keep them on track and accountable on behalf of our clients.

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