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Marketing recalibration, customer experience insights

We've been working with a range of clients - boards, senior management and staff - to facilitate honest conversations about their organisations' strategic and tactical marketing.

Our facilitation and advisory services are in hot demand because they are a quick way to regroup, recalibrate and get results. Our team brings objectivity, impartiality and a sense of best practice to the table.

People from all parts of the company are encouraged to get involved...sure, some participants might not have any marketing expertise, but they have rich knowledge about the things that form the foundation of a marketing strategy or campaign plan:

  • They know their customers, and are often at the "coalface", doing the work involved in a job, in real conditions, rather than planning or talking about it

  • They know their products or service better than anybody

  • And they often have organisational memory which aides the continuous improvement of the company's marketing and communications.

Just as importantly, being involved in the process, having input and ownership means key managers and staff are more likely to support the resulting marketing initiatives. 

And, for Board members and execs, participating in these discussions can help strategic decision-making and ensure the customer experience is understood across all parts of the organisation.

Ultimately, our facilitation and advisory services ensure the promises conveyed via your marketing messaging are being delivered on across your organisation's products, services and personnel.

Discrepancies between your brand promise and delivery can irreversably damage sales, corporate reputation and staff morale.

Our extensive experience in facilitating marketing reviews and recalibration positions us to engage all participants, build a sense of teamwork and encourage the sharing of ideas. We draw out the information we need...while having a bit of fun along the way!

Contact Brand Bureau on 03 5223 3772 to find out if a marketing workshop will help achieve your marketing goals.

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