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Launching a new brand for Gforce

The Brand Bureau team has been busy launching a new brand for one of our long-standing clients, Gforce Employment Services.

Gforce, together with Encompass, was awarded the contract to provide disability employment services in Geelong, western Melbourne and western Victoria, resulting in the need to create a new brand identity, EGF Solutions. 

Brand Bureau designed the brand and developed and executed the launch strategy.

The launch consisted of a comprehensive media buy in four regions throughout Victoria, utilising both traditional and digital media.

We produced cinema and radio commercials, along with media releases, newspaper advertisements, outdoor billboards, taxi-backs, digital advertising and more.

Not only that, we continued to manage Gforce’s end-to-end marketing, communications and visual design.

For EGF Solutions we completed:

...and for GForce we completed:

If you have an existing, or new, brand which needs strategic management, don't hesitate to call the team at Brand Bureau.

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