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Helping to keep Victorians safe on the water

This year, we were re-engaged by the Victorian Regional Channels Authority to review and execute their Keep Clear of Big Ships safety campaign.

Twelve months prior we introduced a campaign Ambassador, Paul Worsteling from iFISH and completely refreshed the previous campaign creative that had been used for the past ten years. This year our objective was to conduct consumer research to ascertain if the new campaign was resonating with the target audiences.

Online surveys to the various target audiences revealed the campaign was very successful. People all over Geelong had a great level of unprompted and prompted awareness. They reported positive attitudes towards Paul, the Ambassador. Paul is seen as likable and trustworthy. Paul's presence was found to aid in the recall of the campaign's key messages. The survey results also proved the mix of advertising channels used is optimal and appropriate.

Overall the results showed the campaign is very successful and the strategy can continue for the next 12 months. The strategy and campaign materials are also being used as a template to spread the message to Western Port Bay users.

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