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Gen Fyansford: clever and creative

Since 2014, Brand Bureau has had the pleasure of working with the team at ICD Property, the developer responsible for Gen Fyansford.

2017 saw us deliver the official opening event for Gen Fyansford's display village, a community engagement plan and various other media mentions along the way.

The year has ended on a high note (literally), with globally-recognised, Geelong-born artist Rone transforming the cement silos overlooking Fyansford.

Matthew Khoo, Deputy Managing Director of ICD Property, said, “Rone’s artistry will make the silos more visually appealing and, we hope, create an iconic landmark that helps position Geelong as a clever and creative city-region. The project team, including the artist, have deliberately selected local people who represent different perspectives. Such perspectives contribute to the uniqueness of Geelong and its people."

The project is due for completion by Christmas, ensuring the many thousands of people travelling to our region via the Geelong Ring Road will be able to enjoy the new artwork.

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