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Consulting with our communities

Lorne Community Hospital is a small rural public Health Service which has a catchment responsibility for the areas of Wye River, Deans Marsh, Lorne and Aireys Inlet, a permanent population of around 4,000 people.

In existence for over 50 years, the Hospital was established through lobbying and fundraising by the community itself in the 1950s and 60s. There is a great deal of community passion for their health service especially from Lorne community members.

The industry is changing considerably in many ways; Greater competition (even in the public sector) for clientele, consumer directed care creating a need to market to the individual, a greater consumer awareness and expectation of service, an expectation that the service will be contemporary and responsive to their needs, greater regionalisation and connection to the wider service offerings i.e. Telehealth etc.

The Board of Management and senior staff took a future thinking strategic approach to planning and addressed the external environment. They focused on demographic and population health trend data for the catchment, community consultation findings, Department of Health and Human Services priorities and data relating to workforce, technology impacts and future care models.

Brand Bureau was engaged by the Hospital's Board to hear the view of the community in order to shape decision-making. Drawing on the IAP2 Public Participation model, our work included:

  • Stakeholder identification

  • Identification and selection of engagement methods

  • Engagement phasing and action plan

  • Evaluation of results and reporting to Board.

As a result of our work, the Board were equipped to make a decision in line with community needs.

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