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Insights through Research.

Every organisation at some time requires information to develop, implement and evaluate strategies.
Our marketing research services have assisted countless organisations to advance by answering important questions, for example:

  • Are our target markets aware of our brand?
  • How does our brand rate against those of our competitors?
  • Are our customers satisfied and loyal?
  • Is our pricing appropriate?
  • What communication channels provide the greatest return on investment?

We can provide the right information to facilitate your marketing decisions.
Core services include:

  • Qualitative research, such as focus groups or mystery shopping
  • Quantitative research, such as online, hardcopy or face-to-face surveys
  • Desk-bound research and analysis
  • Or a combination of the above

Case Study

St Laurence Community Services

The Brief

St Laurence approached us to help gain insights into its existing brand. We recommended research into the following components of brand knowledge:


  1.  Recall
  2.  Recognition


  1.  Types of associations
  2.  Attributes including personality



  1.  Favourability
  2.  Strength
  3.  Uniqueness

Respondents from St Laurence's 6 office locations were to be included in the survey.

The Response

Brand Bureau ascertained the current knowledge of the St Laurence brand in its places of operation by employing the following methodology:

  • A self-administered survey distributed to and completed by the respondents via email and/or hardcopy targeting the following stakeholders:

i. Prospective clients
ii. Current clients
iii. Lapsed clients

  • Focus groups consisting of a cross section of the organisation's senior managers.

The Outcome

The survey outcomes were robust enough to position St Laurence to strategically rebrand itself whilst understanding which brand elements needed to be retained.



All was extremely well received by board. Very happy with your work. Thanks so much for pulling this together in time!

Jenny Sheahan - St Laurence Community Services