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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have been invited to complete a satisfaction survey, which Brand Bureau has been commissioned to undertake. What will Brand Bureau do with my contact details?

    A. Brand Bureau merely acts as a custodian of any contact details given to us by our clients. We safeguard respondents' email addresses. We don't sell these email addresses and we use them only as directed by our clients and in accordance with our clients' privacy policy.

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  • A. What makes Brand Bureau different from other agencies?

    A. We believe our difference lies in:

    1. Our expertise: every team member possesses teriary-level qualifications, including Masters-level degrees
    2. Our experience: prior to joining Brand Bureau, each team member worked in a variety of sectors and industries, including manufacturing, finance, government, retail, not-for-profit, IT... this experience gives our staff first-hand insights and knowledge and enables us to deliver best-practice to each of our clients
    3. Our style: people tell us time and time again that we are easy to work with yet highly professional and focused on achieving our clients objectives
    4. Our pricing: In our customer survey (May 2013) 100% of respondents said we deliver good-to-excellent value for money.

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  • How do you typically work with your clients?

    A. We are flexible in the way we work. Some of our clients prefer to work with us on a project by project, or campaign, basis. Other clients engage us for longer periods (a "retainer" approach), where we fulfill the role of a marketing manager or marketing department.

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  • How do these "retainer" services work?

    A. Retainers are a win-win for both our clients and the Brand Bureau team.

    Essentially we (the client and Brand Bureau) agree up front on the work required across a minimum of 12 months. The fees associated with this work are split evenly across 12 months and attract a discount, resulting in a monthly fixed-price fee.

    For our clients this means not only cash flow and budgeting predictability, but we keep your marketing on-track. We are accountable for ensuring your marketing forges ahead and brings desired results.

    For us, it brings the opportunity to truly work in close collaboration month by month - this is important as marketing needs to be responsive to emerging opportunities and challenges. We typically meet with our retaier clients monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

    Other benefits of becming a retainer client include:

    1. Objective analysis and advice;
    2. Different ideas and views;
    3. Assistance to meet responsibilities and objectives within timeframes;
    4. Priority service
    5. Supply of specialist expertise; 

    Value for money; and

    Centralised contact - we often manage numerous suppliers and keep them on track and accountable on behalf of our clients.

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  • Do you deliver websites?

    A. Yes. Over a number of years we have developed tried and tested work methods to design, write and deliver exceptional websites. We work with our clients and our in house web developer to build websites that become a strong base for your organisations integrated marketing activities.

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  • I’m interested in having you speak to my staff/facilitate a workshop. Can you do this?

    A. Yes. We often facilitate small, medium and large workshops. We are expert at ensuring participants from all levels within an organisation are engaged, contribute and enjoy the session. Focused on achieving the workshop objectives, we know our job is to inspire and create an environment that nurtures new ideas, while keeping the session running smoothly and on time.  

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The results from our working together to date have been great and we have certainly come leaps and bounds from where we were 9 months ago when we started the whole process.

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